Frequently Asked Questions

What is Open Brewery DB

Open Brewery DB is a free dataset and API with public information on breweries, cideries, brewpubs, and bottleshops.

Why Open Brewery DB

Open Brewery DB started after I wanted to create an interactive map of dog-friendly breweries. As I began the project, we realized there was no easy way to get data on breweries. While there are other websites and resources available, none had an easy-to-use, publically-accessible API. Open Brewery DB was born!

The goal of this project is to keep an up-to-date, community-driven, and publically available database of breweries for the betterment of the beer community and the joy of web developers and data analysts.

Why use this data

It’s easy to use, does not track you, and has libraries in multiple languages.

The mission of this project is to be as transparent as possible because interesting public information should be easily accessible.

Will Open Brewery DB always be free

Yes! Absolutely, always, 100% free.

Can I use Open Brewery DB for production use or for-profit

At this time, I only advise using the API for personal projects only. You are welcome to use the dataset for any projects with credit to Open Brewery DB.

Why not use other location data services (Untappd, Google Maps, BreweryDB, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with those services. However, be aware that some charge money for premium services. Other’s aren’t as user-friendly and require an account and to use an access token with CORS. It really depends on the goals of your project.

How can I help

  • You can contribute to the codebase through the Github Issues for the API server, documentation website, or dataset.
  • You can also help keep the brewery information up to date by submitting a pull request to the dataset repository.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to get updates.

Who is responsible for this project

Open Brewery DB was created and is maintained by Chris J Mears, who is a beer-drinking data scientist who also has a rescue dog, Cooper. Chris and Cooper live in San Diego, CA.

I have other questions

Join the Discord and ask directly! We are a friendly bunch!